Open Platforms and Digital Skills

The Qualification

The “internet of things” allows virtually infinite connections to be made between seemingly unrelated pieces of data.  These pieces of data build up to make our digital footprints but how many students even know they have a footprint, even less how their actions every day lead to that imprint giving away more and more information about themselves.

The new L2 award from TLM aims to redress that position enabling learners to become much more digitally aware and using this awareness and their digital skills to edit and manage their digital profile to showcase themselves in the safest and most positive manner.

Three “theory units” link together to explore;

  • The nature of data, how it is created and obtained, either because we give it away or because we are tracked by devices in the internet of things, and the way that data can be lawfully processed.
  • The impact of technology on the way that data is processed and the opportunities for learners to collaborate in this process
  • The increasing threats to data security within the internet of things with the recognition that data has value and some will go to criminal lengths to harvest data for resale.

Alongside developing this awareness learners are challenged to take charge of their digital profile by creating their own digital portfolio in an open source Mahara portfolio generously hosted for every student by UKFast - one of the UK’s largest ISPs.

In their digital showcase learners will create their own website as well as two other digital products such as:

  • A digital data solution
  • A digital graphics and or video collection
  • Digital apps
  • A digital arcade game
  • Digital multimedia publishing

This portfolio is the coursework component of the qualification and is graded at three levels worth in total 40% of the qualification.  The remaining marks are derived from a single examination paper taken on line.

TLM believe this new qualification is a very positive move towards enabling our learners to become the informed and reflective digital citizens that they need to be.

The full course handbook can be downloaded from: