2020 Performance Points Information


The Department for Education has now advised Awarding Organisations of the latest list of approved qualifications that count towards Progress 8 for 2020.

Regretfully we have been informed by the DfE that our approach to allow teachers to utilise their professional judgment within our controlled assessment has been deemed to be too flexible and therefore TLM qualifications will not count towards 2020 progress 8 tables. We will however be appealing the DfE's decison. The deadline for appeals is the 6th August, we will update you on the outcome of this as soon as possible.

Our full range of qualifications that continue to count towards 2019 will still be fully supported by TLM.

In the school's arena, TLM will continue to offer:

  • All qualifications agreed by the DfE for 2019 learners, the full list can be seen here.

  • The free TLM Computing Baseline test, that has been successfully completed by over 250,000 learners.

  • The KS2/KS3 coding qualification with Minecraft Education, with more details to be announced very soon.

  • The Duke of York Qualification.

  • A full suite of qualifications for SEN learners from Entry 1 through to Level 2.

In the Adult Training arena, TLM will continue to offer our full suite of qualifications, that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Skills qualifications for Job Centre Plus

  • Post 16 qualifications in Cyber Security

  • Post 16 qualifications for Linux

  • Orange Amp Music Qualifications.

  • A growing range of qualifications designed in conjunction with our industry partners.

We also confirm that once the DfE releases the new specification for 2021+ we will be designing qualification that will hopefully allow schools to once again enjoy the delivery method and support systems that TLM are renowned for.