Assessment opportunities

You have to be confident that you can provide evidence that you can match the assessment criteria. Here are two of the criteria that you can show you match in the work that is to come.  There may be others but its simpler to concentrate on a small number at least at the beginning.

Silver level 1
1.6 I can identify an acceptable use policy and legal requirments that affect my work
You should show that you know about the acceptable use policy on the community site and that it is intended to support safe and responsible use of ICT with many people registered on the site. You should know that copyright rrules apply and you can't just copy any material to put on the site.

Gold level 2
1.7 I can describe any legal or local guidelines or constraints that apply to the task or activity
Over the whole period of the course you should demonstrate that you obey any local acceptable use policy and that you can describe the policy in writing in general terms. You should make a declaration that you license your work for free use and that it is your own work and any sources of information are referenced to their owner. You should not use copyright tools or information without first gaining permission. There will be evidence of this from any web work you do.