Certificate in Open Systems IT Management

Suggested Project for Teaching

Unit 4 of this qualification is learner's planing something using open systems.  The rest of the Units are what hardware and software they need to meet the project needs, what sort of configuration, and how the open source community works and functions.  As a suggestion, you could do the following:

  • Students create a plan to install and configure a VLE for a local primary school or a Squid proxy and filtering server.
  • They need to specify and install the system using all of the main tools available and then present this to the school with documentation.

Moodle is a popular open source VLE which is well documented for support and installation.  Students can use an old computer to install the system which will cover almost all of the criteria in this qualification and give them vital skills in managing a real project.  There are a series of videos here to give an overview of how this could be done.  Part 7 of the videos is the project suggestion, the rest are details on hardware and software.

Some useful tutorials can be found here

Linux Overview

Linux in Industry

Practice distro

If schools or colleges become Cisco Academies (which is free), they can use their excellent Linux teaching materials.


Level 2, Unit 1 - Understanding Global Software Communities and their Products (5 credits)

Level 2, Unit 2 - Using an operating system efficiently (5 credits)

Level 2, Unit 3 - Managing computer hardware systems and networks (5 credits)

Level 2, Unit 4 - Carrying out an IT systems management project (5 credits)