Age independent

The INGOT assessment criteria are not dependent on age. There are certificates suitable for complete beginners of any age and for more advanced and experienced learners.
There are primary schools, special schools, comprehensive schools, grammar schools, FE Colleges and adult education centres currently preparing learners for INGOT qualifications. Indeed INGOTs are not confined to the UK with INGOT qualifications in use in a wide range of countries. There are simple progression routes to enable learners to start at an appropriate level and move up through the levels.

All learners can leave primary school at age 11 with a recognised vocational qualification and make a smooth transition to ICT in secondary school with higher level qualifications for Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) and Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16). Units are deliberately kept short in the entry level certificates to provide early rewards to motivate learners to move on to the next stage supported by the confidence of early success.

The flexible design of the INGOTs makes them independent of age and independent of particular cultures and technologies. One Polish learner achieved an entry level certificate at age 80. The design enables use in primary and lower secondary schools making efficient use of existing practice as well as in the adult population. The approach is ideal for accrediting family learning, supporting self-assessment, peer assessment and mutual support needed in an assessment for learning strategy.