Reduced costs

Reducing administration and increasing learner motivation effectively reduces costs as learning and teaching are the most expensive aspect of running any course.

The Academy model will reduce costs further through economies of scale and we don't require centres to purchase any particular resources to support their courses. In fact, we are trying to enable learners to be more technologically self-sufficient so that they can take advantage of the increasing pool of free resources available from the internet.

As time goes on we will provide more learning courses and resources through the web site. Eventually buying digital resources with complicated installation procedures and security codes will become a thing of the past and mostly supporting resources will be available freely and directly from the internet.

To achieve INGOT qualifications, there is no need to use any software where licenses have to be bought (although you can if you want to). We give practical help, advice and information on getting and using free digital resources from the internet and credit for learning how to do this through the qualifications. This is an educational solution to social inclusion and bridging the digital divide rather than what are often short term subsidies that simply maintain the status quo.
"Don't give them fish, enable them to learn how to fish!".