Cyber Security and Digital Forensics


Please note: guidance is being added over the next few days, but is in the handbook already.

Support also available through Cisco Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Essentials.

Level 2

Level 2, Unit 1 - Understanding Cyber Security and Online Threats (3 credits)

Level 2, Unit 2 - Analysing and Evaluating Cyber Threats (3 credits)

Level 2, Unit 3 - Applying and Deploying Security Tools and Best Practice (3 credits)

Level 2, Unit 4 - Extended Project: Securing and Defending Online Systems (6 credits)

1. Research a working cyber security system

2. Plan to build a cyber safe web site or server

3. Develop a cyber safe web site or server

4. Test the system against common threats

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the system

1.1 I can investigate a working system to determine the main components 2.1 I can make a working skeletal plan of a system 3.1 I can prepare a system in terms of specifications 4.1 I can develop a basic test regime 5.1 I can analyse the results in terms of the objectives
1.2 I can explain the main system components 2.2 I can set clear objectives and outcomes to build a system against 3.2 I can explain the specification in terms of performance needs 4.2 I can explain the purpose of the main test procedures 5.2 I can evaluate some of the features of the system and their purpose
1.3 I can describe how the components fit together 2.3 I can list the main safety features that will need to be addressed for success 3.3 I can describe the way a web site functions 4.3 I can explain the expected results from tests 5.3 I can justify some design decisions in terms of objectives
1.4 I can make detailed notes of my findings 2.4 I can explain the main hardware requirements needed 3.4 I can describe the main pieces of software required 4.4 I can describe the test results and what they mean 5.4 I can analyse possible improvements to the system based on usage and end user feedback
1.5 I can present my notes to an audience for feedback 2.5 I can explain the main software aspects of the system 3.5 I can describe the configuration settings for a working system 4.5 I can adjust the system in light of test results 5.5 I can analyse the effectiveness of the system by viewing the different log files
1.6 I can list some key objectives of the system I will design 2.6 I can make a final plan for a system 3.6 I can recommend final adjustments before going live 4.6 I can document the test results for third party support people 5.6 I can recommend improvements to the system for future-proofing