Further help on creating an account

When creating an account the following steps need to be taken.

Sign up screenNote that the little red star (asterisk) next to a field name means that there must be something in that field. This is called a mandatory field because it is compulsory and can not be left blank.

The username can be a nickname. This is a good idea because this is the name that will be seen when you post to the site.  It is a good idea not to use your real name. Keep personal details such as where you live or where you are at any time secret.

You must use a valid e-mail address because then we can send you a new password and know it will go to you. If you don't have an e-mail address ask your teacher/assessor because you can't easily proceed without one.

Confirmation prevents us from sending a password to the wrong e-mail address because you made an error typing the address the first time.

Your profile contains your real name.  This will not be displayed on the site, its is required so the site administrators know who you are and can contact you if your e-mail address goes out of date. It will be very rare for us to contact anyone in this way but there might be an important reason so we need your full name just in case. We will not give any of your personal details to anyone else.

Your id is the unique number assigned to you when you are registered on the certification site. This is a completely separate site and for security reasons the sites do not communicate. There is more information about finding your id from the certification site here.

We also need to know the name of your academy or centre so that we can contact you and check work fo certification etc.

These are the site terms and conditions. You have to agree to share your work with other people using the Creative Commons ShareAlike license and designate attribution to The Leanring Machine Ltd. This is so that is someone uses your work they don't have to contact you personally but they have to say where they got it from. In general, you should ALWAYS say where information comes from if it is not your own original work.

The acceptable use policy (AUP) is simple but it is designed to produce a nice community for everyone. If anyone misbehaves, the AUP allows us to take action to stop them spoiling things for everyone else.

Finally, the CAPTCHA is to stop "bots" making accounts on the site. These are programs written by spammers. They wander around on the internet and try and set up accounts on as many sites as they can to spread unwanted advertising. Tese programs are not intelligent enough to solve simple problems like the one presented here.

Finally you create your account by clicking on the create new account button.

Once your account is created you will go back to the INGOT home page and receive the following message. We have included a screen shot so you can see where the message will appear.

Create account message on the front page

You should soon receive an e-mail with instructions about how to finish off setting up your account.