How To - Baseline Testing

How do I register students for the Baseline Test?

Once you have added the learners to your account on the Markbook Site in order to track their progress in general terms, you can now move across to the Learning Site which is the site which holds and administers the Baseline Test.  Create an account for yourself on this site .

NOTE: You don't have to have the same user name and password on both the Markbook Site and the Learning Site, but it may make it easier to manage.

When your account has been created and verified on the Learning Site, you can now log in to see your groups.

Learning Site Grous

Select a group from your list as shown above and click next to the group name and the test required.  In this case, the Online Test link.

Online Test link

The Online Test option is hyerlinked as shown above.  Click the link to open the options for the test process.

Baseline Test registration

You can see above that you have the option for the selected group to register for Online Tests.  In this instance, we are registering for the Baseline Test which will be an option in the dropdown menus.

Baseline Test selection

At the time of writing we have Test 1 as shown.  There will be additional tests every 6 months which will allow you to check the progress of your students against the school average or national average.  Once you have selected the test from the dropdown options, you then can set a date for when you would like the students to be able to access the test online and press the Register button.  That is now done and your group is registered to take the test on the date you specified.  You can see below the date and the students registered for the test.

Baseline Test start button

Once you are happy with the date of the test and the correct groups taking it, you can click on Start Test to begin the process.

By starting the test, the students will be able to log on to the Learning Site on the designated day and be administered on the test.

Where do I go for information about the Baseline Tests?

We are currently supporting and maintaining a Google Group to discuss and share ideas about the baseline Tests.  This group has information about the tests, as well as details about why they are designed and what they hope to achieve.  Please join the group here.

How do I see results of the Baseline Tests?

When the students have completed their exam, you can go to your Groups and look at the Online Test tab and then look at the Finalised Test to see the results.

Test results

All results will also be pushed to the Markbook Site.

Markbook Site pupil scores