Schools Open Source Project

Attached here are two of the bids submitted to BECTA for the Schools Open Source Project.

The highlights showing how one of the responses surpasses the BECTA stated targets at the point of starting are here (just click on the link). Interestingly, despite this the bid achieved only half the marks for value for money and 13/20 for ability to deliver to time scales. It already delivers to time scales! Even if some cosmetic changes were needed most of the work is done already. The winning bid which scored higher has some strengths in management process and standard risk analysis stuff but is very low on expectations for any outcomes and there is no evidence that in the context of Open Source projects there is any capability to deliver.  From this we might well conclude that BECTA is more interested in their own view of bureaucratic process than it is in genuine value for money for tax payers. You can read them both yourselves and make your own minds up

Some of the winning tender has been redacted (obscured) despite all bidders being informed at the outset that a FOI request could result in any of the material being made public.