Setting a Website Goal

Setting your website goal is the most important step in the whole process of planning your website.


The most important step in the whole planning process.

1. A website without a goal is like a ship without a rudder

2. We cannot change what we cannot measure. The only way you can tell your website is successful is to have an effective goal.

3. First ask yourself: Am I sure I need a website? Perhaps there is another way of getting it done.

4. The WORST REASON to make a website is: “To have a presence on the Internet”

5. Consider the following 3 points

     * If you are a business… … your website should be a key part of your business strategy
    * If your presence is entirely online… Website goal = Business goal …then your website goal will be the same as your business goal
     * Whoever you are, ensure you have the time and/or budget to continually promote your website once it is “finished”

6. What is your website going to do for you? Set a SMART goal

    Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Relevant | Time-bound

7. Specific - Is the goal stated clearly and unambiguously?

    * Who, what, when, where, why?
    * A minimum of words
    * Clear to everyone involved in your website

8. Measurable - Can the goal be measured?

    * Remember, we cannot change what we cannot measure
    * Ensure a monitoring system can be put in place to measure progress

9. Achievable - Is the goal realistic?

    * Your goal should be challenging, but not impossible
    * If your goal is too demanding, you will quickly lose heart

10. Relevant - Does the goal fit in with your wider goals?

    * Will your goal take you forward in the bigger picture?

11. Time-Bound - Does the goal have a deadline?

    * Without a due date, you can put off the goal forever
    * There is nothing like urgency to get something done

12. Examples of good website goals:

    * To increase email subscription numbers by 50% within 6 months
    * To attract 10 new online requests for services per week
    * To sell products online with a total value of US$5,000 per month

13. You’ve now seen how to set a website goal. This is the FIRST STEP in the process of good website design.

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