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All the content on this website is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license except for the Assessor Handbook which is also NonCommercial. You may attribute the work to The Learning Machine Ltd. If you contribute content to this site, you must use the same license as the rest of the site and designate The Learning Machine Ltd (TLM) for attribution. This is to ensure that everyone will always be able reuse the content of this site freely. Why must I designate The Learning Machine for attribution? When a work is edited by many different people it can become impossible to track down all the authors to provide attribution as required by the license. This makes the work no longer free to reuse. When you designate TLM for attribution, other people have the option of attributing the work to TLM. This guarantees that the work will remain free to reuse. Does this mean that TLM will take credit for my contribution? Not necessarily. People don't have to attribute to TLM. This is just a fall-back option when they don't know who the author is. Does this mean that TLM will "own" my work? No. Your work is yours. By using a creative commons license you do allow other people to reuse it and modify your work, but TLM does not have any special rights above that of other entities. For example, TLM cannot change the license of your work.

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Information on this web site is provided without any warranty either expressed or implied. All reasonable care is taken to include accurate and up to date information but no responsibility is taken for errors or omissions. This is a community site. It can be edited by people who are not associated with The Learning Machine Ltd. As a result, we cannot offer any guarantees over its contents. We do not support spamming or bulk, unsolicited e-mail, any activities that are illegal, or sites that contain pornographic or obscene material.

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