How do I administer an exam

TLM exams can be taken either online or on paper

Please note: All examinations whether online or on paper are considered to be ‘live’ exams until such time as TLM state otherwise and therefore no copy of this exam can be used for training or to support development.  They must not be seen by IT staff and must not be used for revision purposes. TLM will make available to IT teachers specific previous exams that can be used as ‘past papers’. These exam papers are copyright of TLM and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means unless the prior consent of TLM has been obtained.

Paper exam:

If a paper exam has been requested then we will email you as the  exams officer (please make sure we have your email ) with the pdf (password protected) of the exam shortly before the exam date (three days before). You must keep the examination paper secure. You can then print the exam and give it to the students under suitably controlled conditions. At the end collect the papers, make a photocopy of all of them and send the originals to us using registered post. Keep the copies in a secure place until the marks and grades have been finalised and then destroy them with a shredder.

Online exam:

If an online exam has been booked, TLM will approve the exam request. The start button will only appear if TLM has approved the request. If it is not there and you think it should be, contact us.

It is best if the IT teacher/ network manager or someone with a login is present at the start of the exam to make sure all candidates get logged in and can start the exam. We would also recommend that during the exam there is a person with a login available who can unblock a candidate should the system lock them out. At the end of the exam the candidates need to click on the 'Finish' button or if they cannot answer the last question click on 'Leave blank and finish' button.

During an online exam should a candidate take their mouse pointer outside the coloured square then an alarm will sound, this is just to warn the candidate to keep the mouse pointer within the square so preventing the candidate from accessing information from the internet, school network or the computer hard drive. It also disables keyboard shortcuts.

In the case of an online exam we would advise that prior to requesting the exam the Exams Office check with the IT teacher or network manager that internet access in the examination room will be sufficiently robust to cope with the number of candidates taking a simultaneous exam.

Examination room

We recommend that you use a room which will accommodate the candidates in normal examination seating conditions that will minimise any likelihood of copying between candidates.  We expect the exams officer to be satisfied that the candidates are seated in such a way that they cannot see each other's work. If necessary you should make sure that screens are positioned to prevent neighbouring candidates copying from others close to them when they are taking the exam online with the same principle as spacing out paper exam candidates.


The exam must be invigilated at all times. It is preferable that the invigilator is not the candidate's teacher. However we do not preclude this in the event that there is no alternative invigilator and the exam would not be able to continue. In this case please contact us. So we can make a note of the invigilator.

There is no specific time limit on the exam, it should take about 1 hour. Candidates can however take extra time but they must not leave the examination room or speak to other candidates. In the case of an online exam the candidates must not log out otherwise they will not be able to continue the exam.

Accommodating candidates with special requirements

In order that no candidate is disadvantaged. Candidates can take extra time. Candidates who have reading or sight difficulties can have the questions read to them. Candidates with other difficulties can also be accommodated, please contact us if you need guidance as to the adjustments that can be made.

Please could you email with any of your candidates special requirements.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the management or administration of our exams. We want to minimise stress as much as possible to the candidates as well as the school staff. Office phone number 01827 305940