Join the TLM team and become a moderator or an exam marker

Current vacancies: markers and moderators required for Level 2 IT

Why be a marker or moderator

Use your education skills and knowledge to earn an extra income, by working from home at a time that suits you.
Both moderation of work and exams are available to schools on demand throughout the academic year so you get work throughout the year not just for a short period at the end of the Summer term
You will also get a better understanding of the mark schemes and the moderation process.

What it involves

As a marker, you’ll mark exam papers in your specialist subject at home,  through our online system.  Exams are on demand so you can be employed throughout the academic year

As a moderator, you’ll review or moderate samples of coursework . The coursework should already have been assessed by teachers at the school or college, and be ready for you to view online. 

We will also pay for you to come to training and standardisaion days with our Principal Examiner and Chief Moderator, who will always be available by phone or online to check samples to reasure you and answer any of your questions.

Fees paid:

Moderation £3 per unit

Exam marking £3 per script

Training / stanadisation meetings £180.00 for a full day £100 for half day plus standard travel costs

Here's how

Click here to go to the application for moderators and exam markers.