Examined course This qualification is designed for 16-19 year old Learners or older who want to understand the range and nature of threats that exist online and the tools and services that can be used to stop them. The different units look at the best tools and applications needed for this process, but also the underlying technologies and methodologies that make these possible, particularly open source and open standards. It is important to understand the systems and services, as any online activity automatically attracts attacks and potentially damaging activities such as fraud. Learners will investigate these threats and security problems and make sure that their data and information are as safe as possible by securing the platforms used. All of these practical and theoretical skills and understanding build towards creating a safe and secure online system.
Qualification Title
Qualification Number
Qualification Status
Available to learners
Qualification Level
Level 2
Total Credits
Guided Learning Hours
Assessment Methods
Coursework, E-assessment, Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Demonstration/Assignment, Written Examination
Grading Scale
Operational Start Date
  • Devised in consultation with leading industry consultants, professional bodies and universities.
  • Clear and flexible unit based structure referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
  • Straightforward assessment of competence in real rather than contrived contexts.
  • Grading through controlled exams introduced progressively from KS3 to KS4.
  • Provides a focus for continuing professional development for teachers through moderation/verification feedback.
  • Moderation on demand, no restrictive moderation windows.
  • Feedback offered on any evidence submitted. TLM are willing to communicate with assessors with guidance on how to improve learners work.
  • three examination opportunities per year.
  • use of open source cloud based technologies to reduce costs and add value for schools.
  • The online TLM Markbook is invaluable in tracking students' progress.
  • Use of open source cloud based technologies to reduce costs and add value for schools.
  • Reduced bureaucracy for teachers and flexibility for them to target specific interests.
Who​ ​supports​ ​this​ ​qualification?
  • Industry: UKFast, Secarma, Cisco, CompTIA, LPI, OpenUK etc
  • CHE/FE: University of Westminster, Cardiff University, OU All of the above organisations have had direct and indirect input into the development and ongoing support of this qualification.
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