The Centres accredited for this qualification must have systems in place which allow evidence of learners’ work to be systematically collected and presented for inspection by TLM’s Account managers. The evidence must demonstrate competencies that meet the RQCF and EQF level descriptors and all relevant unit criteria. Centres have the flexibility of choosing appropriate and sufficient assignments to support their assessment. This Handbook and the unit criteria do not prescribe a particular curriculum - the choice of curriculum should match the general qualification requirements for guided learning hours and corresponding credit points

This qualification has 5 mandatory units, each consisting of 100 guided learning hours and credit value of 25. All units must be passed before a qualification can be awarded.

As described earlier, academies and assessors are flexible in choosing their internal methods of assessment. For TLM to award the qualification, a final exam must be passed. Learner’s coursework, if considered satisfactory by academy’s assessors, will qualify the learner for the final exam and contribute 30 marks to it. The remaining 70 marks are decided by the exam and learners need 20 marks for pass, thus bringing the minimum overall pass to 50 marks out of 100. Achieving 40 marks on the final exam (overall mark of 70 out of 100) will lead to pass with merit. Achieving 50 or more marks on the final exam (overall mark of 80 or more out of 100) will lead to pass with distinction.

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TLM Level 6 Diploma In Business Management
This document contains all the information about this qualification and should be used by everyone interested in the qualification as to its purpose and key characteristics.
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