Acceptable Use Policy

Being a responsible citizen

The INGOT community site is provided for use by all but as with any social group we need a few rules :-) Why? Because the great majority of people like to work co-operatively and it's unfair on them if one or two people spoil things.

1. Please post in appropriate places. Blogs are for describing projects and should not be used for advertising, showing off, attention seeking or general discussion. Discussions should take place in the forums.

2. Please refrain from bad language, persistent offenders will have their accounts blocked. Use good and formal English for blogs as these will be used in your assessment. SMS text styles etc are fine in forums but not for formal writing in e-portfolios and blogs.

3. Inappropriate images or links to inappropriate web sites will result in your account being blocked. Our decision on what is inappropriate is not negotiable!

4. Bullying will not be tolerated. Bear in mind it's the perception from outside that matters not what you think you meant. If a reasonable person reading a post from outside might consider the writing offensive or inappropriate it could cause your account to be blocked so think carefully before posting anything.

5. Remaining anonymous. You do not have to use your real name and it is a good idea to have a "pen name" or nick name. It is also a good idea not to give out details of where you live, for example, or if you are going on holiday. Burglars and other criminals might find this type of information very useful!

General Advice

  1. Be nice to people and in most cases they will be nice back
  2. Don't post when angry
  3. The person that obviously loses their temper first usually loses the argument
  4. What you write is on view to everyone. Try to give a good impression of yourself through what you write and be very careful before revealing your real identity or details of where you are located.

Finally, take care of your password and don't attempt to use anyone else's account under any circumstances.