SENDI (Special Education Needs and Disability Inclusion) was a project developed with European partners to address the needs of learners who are generally excluded for various reasons from the certification process. TLM already offers qualifications in P-Levels to meet the needs of disadvantaged students in line with government directives , but these are foundation qualifications. What do SEN students and others do when they want to progress onto higher levels of learning and enter the work force. The SENDI project created a number of Entry Level 3 units of study that lead to an Award in Safety in the Retail Work Place. The units cover different industries and skills, all of which are vital to the functioning of the modern economy. Students earning this qualification will be well prepared to enter a number of industries at a junior level and have the skills, knowledge and behaviours that they need to progress in their chosen careers. The qualification is pass/fail and based on learners demonstrating their competence through coursework and assessed work practices.