The following comments are from some of the teachers who have been using TLM qualifications, either recently, or over a period of time.

"I have a great deal of respect for the TLM qualifications and especially the guidance and support provided by their head office.  In our time with TLM, the ITQ qualification has become a "hothouse" for technological and pedagogical innovation.  Today we run the practical component for the ITQ in conjunction with the "Apps for Good" programme.  This means whilst teachers are collecting the evidence for coursework submission, our pupils can get on with the business of learning how to code and how to bring their app ideas to market.  They are developing skills in problem solving, creativity, communication and teamwork.  TLM qualifications offer our school the opportunity to deliver a hands-on course that is accredited and that matters." Joe Santarcangelo, Thornleigh Selesian College


"The ITQ qualification has proved to be a hit with students and staff alike.  The range of units that students can study is extensive and enables us to tailor courses to suit our students' interests and aspirations.  Coursework is easily managed and the marking criteria is unambigous – we have found the moderation process with TLM to be both supportive and painless!  The TLM online markbook is invaluable in tracking students' progress.  While the markbook is easy to navigate, there is always support available should the need arise.  The exam component of the course is both challenging and interesting – students enjoy the mix of multiple choice and mini-essay style questions.  Administering online exams has been a revelation compared to other exam boards – all exams are taken within a web browser; there is no exam software to download or administer!  We very much hope that the ITQ course carries on into 2020, and it will remain a firm component of our curriculum." Graham Pitt, Rawletts School

"The exam board (TLM) have been nothing but helpful and I can not praise them enough. If you have a question you send an email and you get an answer within hours (or at least this has been the case for us).

We WILL definitely being following this course for Year 10 and the Year 9 ‘s next year. It has plenty of units to interest students from websites, game making, databases to even playing with raspberry pi’s but to name a few.

It has been really refreshing to have so much support from an exam board and before anyone asks NO I AM NOT ON COMMISSION. just dead impressed and that in this game does not happen very often." – Jon Williams, The Park Community School

"Thanks again for approving our request – it’s so nice to work with an awarding body who are so organised". – Nick Sherwood, Woodlands School

"I have started this course with our Year 11 students in favour of doing the Cambridge Nationals. The students are loving the freedom it gives them to create digital products on topics they are interested in." – Shaun Rogers, Plymstock School

"Just completed our first year of this with Yr11. (We moved them from BTEC ICT and finished on 5 hrs a fortnight.) AS well as the website there is a moodle site you can get access to with more resources including an on-line mock. TLM were great, when I had the initial school visit we clarified the SOW and what evidence the students needed to provide." – Krys McAvan, Bingley Grammar

"The ingots ITQ is in the 2016 and 2017 lists. Costing less than 25 each and cheaper if you have more students under the same subscription. I still have to mark the coursework but the exam is marked for me. Coursework can be submitted for moderation at any time and the turn around is very fast and the admin is very simple." – Rick Barnes, Bedale School