TLM Tracker Info

TLM systems have been developed with the aid of our supporting partner schools and the EU SAFE and INGOT projects to enhance the accreditation process and offer a full "cloud" based solution that delivers the complete cycle of requirements for the majority of schools without the need to locally install any software. Being "cloud" based this system can be safely and securely accessed from any device that has access to the internet and web browsers.

From the 1st January 2015, The Annual Centre subscription charge includes;

  • Free initial training
  • Full access to TLM Tracker
  • Full access to TLM Analysis
  • Unlimited Certification of students from Entry Level to Level 3
  • Full Certification of P Scale and National Curriculum attainment in every subject
  • Development of bespoke criteria implemented within TLM Tracker (subject to status)
  • 100 certificates for the wider community
  • Full use of the TLM Education Scrapbook linking evidence to assessor grades
  • Telephone support by a dedicated moderation team

TLM Tracker allows Assessors, Learners and the Learners Parents to follow the small incremental steps of pupil progress accessed through our secure online system (cloud based). Designed by our SEN schools for their unique requirements. With an intuitive and simple process that requires minimum training and minimum disruption to the teaching cycle greatly freeing up valuable teaching time.

TLM Analysis allows Assessors, Heads of Department/School and the Learners Parents to access the Reports and Reviews that are automatically generated. Full control being given to Headteachers and Heads of Department so that reports and reviews can be generated with the press of a few buttons.

TLM Evidence Scrapbook allows Assessors to upload and compile evidence to a Learners individual web space which can then be accessed by both the Assessors and Learners/parents. The evidence scrapbook removes the requirement for paper based portfolios and provides an online system that supports the learner through all stages of their development.