Orange Rock Guitar


Level 1

Level 1, Grade 1 - Rock Guitar (6 credits)

Level 1, Grade 2 - Rock Guitar (9 credits)

Level 1, Grade 3 - Rock Guitar (12 credits)

Level 2

Level 2, Grade 4 - Rock Guitar (15 credits)

1. Produce a performance that demonstrates an understanding of the material, leading to a more personal interpretation.

2. Perform clearly and with projection being able to support mood and character and engage with the audience.

3. Show evidence of a basic exploration of and familiarity with the fundamentals of instrumental technique.

4. Demonstrate a wider range of technical and musical abilities through either a quick study piece or improvisation.

1.1 Give a performance that pays attention to musical and notational details. 2.1 Demonstrate an overall sense of performance with confidence and some capacity for audience engagement 3.1 Perform with a generally reliable technique 4.1 Respond to a quick study piece with continuity of pulse, attention to note values and pitches, and a sense of musical interpretation.
1.2 Perform with some evidence of stylistic awareness and a general attempt to convey individual musical intent. 3.2 Perform with an adequate basic sound with some evidence of tonal control and projection. 4.2 Improvise with melodic development, harmonic awareness, and use of instrumental resources relevant to the grade.

Level 2, Grade 5 - Rock Guitar (18 credits)

Level 3

Level 3, Grade 6 - Rock Guitar (22 credits)

Level 3, Grade 7 - Rock Guitar (27 credits)

Level 3, Grade 8 - Rock Guitar (32 credits)