Examined course - counts towards the league table points 2019

On UCAS Tariff Table from May 2018 onwards.

The Level 3 qualifications for Digital Professional Experts are designed as non-examined course to allow users 16+ to show expertise in digital skills and applications. Assessment is through practical exercises and coursework moderation.

“As a University we see computer science students entering the first year with a miscellaneous collection of A-levels and Diploma awards not directly related to computer science with their only computing knowledge gained as PC or tablet users at home. The addition of a level 3 cloud computing qualification such as this to their portfolio would make them much higher quality applicants and more prepared for undergraduate study by having experience and knowledge of such a contemporary ITfield.The units offered hold together very well and I can see this as being quite an exciting area of study for the learners. The learning outcomes are appropriate for the level and are very well articulated. The requirement throughout for learners to demonstrate research skills, analytical skill sand critical interpretation in this area, also often absent in the qualifications they present to us on entry, will put them in good stead for further study in this area or study at higher level”

Mark Baldwin,
Principal Lecturer in Computer Science and Faculty Director of Quality Assurance University of Westminster