The qualification content has been designed for use in schools by building it on L1 and 2 foundations and testing it against similarassessments carried out in current Level 3 qualifications. It is alsodesigned to enable learners to meet the needs of employers, throughconsultation with leading built environment and engineering consultancies,the RICS and progressive universities and professional bodiesrepresenting a wide section of the industry. Guidance for coursework isaligned with the CBI employment criteria. Guidance takes into account thelack of experience of many teachers in this area ensuring that the mostacademically able can be stretched and routed to appropriate academicprogression in Higher Education. Strong industry support provides greatpotential for staff development, keeping teachers up to date in what is still arapidly changing sector. Unlike purely academic qualifications, regularreference is made to practical skills and standards and the use of realequipment and technology rather than simulations or generic terms only.There is an emphasis on increasing understanding of the importance ofcollaborative working systems in keeping with recent Cabinet Office policyand the Government Industrial Strategy 2025.