Agenda for Prague Meeting

Agenda Day 1




9-00 am IL Introductions and brief declaration of interest from each delegate. Maximum 3 minutes!
9-30 am IL Current INGOT project and its relationship to the new bids
10-00 am CS Self-awareness project, goals, aims and objectives, target sectors, current partners and expectations
10-30   Break for coffee
11-00 IL Overview of the proposed certification project for
11-30 IL Questions and discussion of the OOo certification project, registration of interest in participation, matching workpackages to expertise.
12-00 IL Plenary - Are we on the right track?
12-30   Lunch
13-00 CS Self-awarenss project - Proposed work packages and links to individual national needs.
14-00 IL SAFE - Special Needs Accreditation for Europe. Second TOI project to transfer certification for learners with special needs and learning disabilities to recognise their achievements and provide a progression route to mainstream learning and the world of work. Scope of project, expertise needed, identifying national needs.
15-00   Break
15-30 IL Plenary summary of the day, feedback and questions.
16-00   End of day
19-00   Meet for dinner and a good time :-)



Agenda Day 2




9-00 am IL/Catalin

KA3IT project. Proposal for getting European Businesses On-line. Who wants to be involved, what expertise is there.

What WPs do we propose?Can we demonstrat demand? Need stats on businesses not on-line in partner countries

any policies on business development for th web etc

Link to details

10-30 am IL Break for coffee
11-00 am IL Discussion of all the projects and allocation of partners to WPs.
12-30 Lunch  



IL Allocate specific tasks to partners for information gathering to inform the new project applications
    Flexible time so that those staying on can work on specific aspects.
19-00   Meet for dinner for those staying on.


Google has a project starting in the UK called Getting British Business On-line. Google is setting up and providing all the tools to build a business web site for free including even the domain name and hosting. We can build a mirror project in Europe called Getting European Business On-line (GEBOL). We basically use the same methods, Google Sites to make th web sites and let Google host them. We advertise and research and find businesses not on-line and offer them a free web site. We can combine this with the new ITQ INGOTs because the process of setting up the site will cover a lot of the assessment criteria for the old INGOT.  We made a start here. We could link to schools and colleges and get learners work experience placements with companies that wnat a web site. The student thn spends the work experience tie setting up the web site and we accredit their learning with INGOT certificates. Google says that if it's project in the UK is a success (They aim to get 100,000 businesses on-line, there are over 1 million not yet with a web site!) they will roll it out in Europe so we will be in the right place at the right time. If we could become certification partners with Google for not only the web sites but also Google docs and other Google applications it will provide excellent business channels.