INGOT Assessment criteria

The "syllabus" for the IT INGOTs is defined by the assessment criteria. These are provided from the links in the table below.  The handbook provides detailed guidance and example tasks.


Links to the assessment criteria

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 Bronze 2  Unit 1  Unit 1
 Bronze 3  Unit 2  Unit 2
 B3 Unit 1  Unit 3  Unit 3
 B3 Unit 2    


Bronze INGOT 1 (My First INGOT - Entry level 1)

General knowledge

I can name the parts of the computer

I know that computers cost quite a lot of money and that we need to look after them

I know that the three most important colours for the pictures on a computer screen are Red, Green and Blue

I know information can be sent from one computer to another by cable and by wireless

I know that passwords are to keep information safe and that I should treat them with respect.

Using the keyboard

I look after the keyboard by making sure my hands are clean before using it

I can type the numbers from 1 to 10 using the number keypad

I can type my name and the days of the week

I can use the SHIFT key to get special characters such as % and @

I can use the delete key to correct mistakes

I can type sentences and use the Shift key to put a capital letter at the start and the full stop key to get a full stop at the end

I can name the main keys on the keyboard

I can, with help, spell check my work and change badly spelled words for the correct word

I can count the number of keys on the keyboard

I can move the cursor to where I want it using the arrow keys and the mouse

I choose to sit in a good position to use the keyboard with good light

Using computer program

I can use the mouse to choose a program

I have used three different programs to learn new things

I can describe a program that I have used and say what I did with it

I can draw shapes using a drawing program

I can fill my shapes with different colours

I can move shapes with the mouse to make up a picture

I can use “Zoom“ to make my shapes look bigger and smaller

I can copy a shape and make a pattern by copying and pasting

I can put a few shapes into order of the number of sides

I can put different shapes into order of their size

Working with others

I can ask for help when I need it

I can help others when they need it

I am patient and wait my turn when the teacher is helping someone else

I share the computer with other people

I can work quietly and not disturb other people

I am careful about the safety of others

I can follow instructions from a number of sources

Bronze INGOT 2 (Entry Level 2)


I can log on to a network

I can send and receive messages by E-mail

I understand that E-mail attachments can be a security risk

I can use a web address to log onto a web site for a particular purpose

Working with others

I can ask for help when I need it

I can help others when they need it

I can work quietly and not disturb other people

I can concentrate for extended periods and listen to instructions without interrupting

I work with due regard for safety by ensuring seating and lighting are appropriate and avoiding hazards

I can help other people set their own personal targets and goals

I accept help from others in setting my own personal targets and goals

Word Processor

I can use the Word Processor to start a new text document

I type at the keyboard with both hands

I understand auto-wrap at the end of each line and pressing the enter key to start a new paragraph

I can use center, left and right align and the tab keys for layout using pre-defined settings

I use the SHIFT key and Caps Lock appropriately

I can use the mouse to position the cursor with precision

I can apply simple pre-defined styles such as a heading, a bullet point list, bold, and underline

I can adjust the view of the document between different scales using the zoom

I can use the spell checker appropriately

I can highlight, cut, paste and copy text within the same document using the menu system, keyboard short cuts and drag and drop

I can print completed work

I can save work and then close down the system and retrieve work

I can use “save as" to save files in appropriate formats for transfer to people

I can use the skills above to write a simple document such as a letter and save it in more than one format


I can use a drawing program to start a new drawing

I can switch on a grid to use for guidance

I can draw lines and arrows to label diagrams

I can create text boxes for labels

I can change font sizes and styles

I can choose drawing tools to create simple shapes such as square, rectangle, circle and ellipse changing their fill styles and colors

I can move, re-size and alter the shape of drawing objects

I can zoom in and out to improve the precision with which objects are positioned

I can print completed work

I can save work and then close down the system and get work back

I can export work to software using a different file format

I can change line widths and colors

I can use the above skills to draw a useful diagram or illustration. e.g. a plan of the layout of my bedroom


I can use a presentation program to start a new presentation

I can save a presentation and open an existing presentation

I can change the background and foreground colors to make slides clear and easy to read

I can use templates in a presentation package to put together a series of slides with a consistent format

I can adjust text attributes such as font style and size when designing a presentation

I can use drawing tools consistent with the requirements for the drawing criteria in the design of slides

I can import pictures and diagrams to illustrate a presentation

I can use effects to make consistent but interesting transitions between slides

I know that using sound effects can be distracting and irritating to the audience when making a presentation

I can use effects to introduce ideas in a structured and simple way to make a presentation

Bronze INGOT 3 (Entry Level 3)

Unit 1 - General Knowledge of Open Systems

I know the term cross platform meaning that there are versions of the software that can run on more than one operating system and I can name two examples

I know that sometimes it is easy and sometimes difficult to move information from one program to another

I know that some programs are free to be copied and distributed whereas others have copyright licenses that limit distribution

I know that some software called Open Source allows people to freely modify the code to make improvements

I have visited 3 web sites that provide free and open source programs for download and I have obtained new information about them

I know that Open Source communities collaborate using digital communications to produce useful resources for everyone to use

I know that some standards are agreed by many interested parties whereas others are determined and controlled by individual interests

I know that Open Standards are important to enable information from one program to be used in other programs from different suppliers

I know that mobile telephones are small portable computers that can communicate effectively even though they run a variety of different software

I know that telephone calls can be made over the internet to international destinations at much lower cost than with conventional dedicated lines

I understand the need to work safely and to respect the environment

Unit 2 - Operating ICT systems

I can start up and shut down a computer and understand the need not to waste energy

I can use a range of devices to get information into and out of IT systems including keyboards, mouse, microphone, touch screen, printer and headphones

I can name 6 different software applications that I have selected and used to support my work

I can work out how to use ICT services and software that are similar but not identical to ones that are usually available

I can adjust the default settings on a computer to suit my own preferences

I keep my files in a safe place using sensible file names

I can use media storage devices such as a CD-ROM, DVD or USB memory stick to get information into and out of a computer

I can adjust my seating position and the lighting to provide a comfortable working position

I am careful to keep my work place tidy avoiding safety hazards such as loose cables

I understand the need to keep passwords and PIN numbers secret

I work cooperatively and safely at all times, respecting the work of others and avoiding conflict

Silver INGOT Level 1

Unit 1 - Open Standards and the use of files and file types 

I know that certain types of files have particular names and purposes

I know that I have to choose the right type of application to open certain types of file 

I know that some applications can create very big files e.g. video, audio and graphics

I know that the size of files can be a problem in transferring them from place to place

I know which places my files go to when I save them

I can make a link to video and audio clips from other applications

I can source images from cameras and scanners using appropriate techniques to cope with their size 

I know that CD ISO images can be downloaded from the internet to make
installation discs for all the major software tools most people need

I understand why open standards for file formats are important

Being responsible in a network environment

I understand that it is bad practice to share my password with someone else and why

I understand that I should not try and get access to other people's areas on the network and why

I understand that I should not install or download unauthorized materials on the network and why

I know that access to the network is a privilege that can be taken away if it is abused

I know in a cable network which cable connects my machine to the
network and how to check this is in place if there is a problem logging
onto the network

I understand the need to backup important files

I am always co-operative when working with other people

I know that network connections can be wireless and that the quality of
the connection depends on what is between the client machine and the
network wireless access point

I understand that up to date virus checkers are essential on Windows networks

Silver INGOT Level 1

Unit 2 - Practical use of the internet

Searching for and using information

I can use a search engine to find useful information from the Internet

I can transfer information from several sources into a document or presentation

When using information from other sources I say where I got it from

I know I should not pass off the work of others as my own

I know that E-mail lists are available to provide free support for a range of applications

I have observed a discussion thread on Usenet, a mailing list or forum to gain additional insight into a topic

I can find a useful product from the Internet that would be good value in supporting work in an office

I can use information from the Internet to support an argument

I can find some information and show that it is incorrect by finding evidence from other information sources

Setting up an e-portfolio

I can set up an account on a community web site

I can create a new web page and make it available on the internet

I can make a heading, links to other web pages using URLS and lists in HTML

I can use the skills above to make an index page organized into sections

I can upload files to my web space and make a link so other people can download the file

I can use the above skills to make an e-portfolio for my work

I can use image editing software to prepare images for use on the web

I can insert an image in HTML

I can use the above skills to insert images into my e-portfolio

Silver INGOT Level 1

Unit 3 - practical use of office tools

Using spreadsheets 

I can start a new spreadsheet and arrange rows, columns and styles to achieve an appropriate layout

I can arrange for the results of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers to appear in a cell

I can format numbers in cells appropriately

I understand how to make a fixed cell reference e.g. to store VAT so
that copying references across rows and columns always refers to that

I can link two spreadsheets so that changes in one make changes in the other

I can use a range of numbers to produce a graph

I understand how copying formulae automatically increases cell
reference numbers e.g. =A1+1 copied down a column will produce the
value in A2+1 in cell A3

I can compare the functions of spreadsheets and databases to choose the best tool for the job

Using databases

I know that a database is a file or system of connected files

I know that database files consist of records that are divided up into fields

I can set up a database table consisting of records and fields

I can sort a database into different orders based on fields e.g. in ascending order, descending order, date order

I can search a database for information using simple queries

I can design a form to give a particular view of the information in a database

I can present information from a database in graphical form

I understand that Structured Query Language (SQL) is an important data
base standard allowing a common approach to extracting information from
a wide variety of data files

I know that many Internet Web sites are effectively large SQL databases with information displayed through a web page

Gold INGOT Level 2

Unit 1 - Open Systems and General knowledge

I know that access to fully open systems is not dependent on permission from copyright or patent holders

I understand the term interoperability

I know the difference between open source and open standards

I understand the term intellectual property and I am familiar with the data protection act and freedom of information act

I know how copyright and licensing work together to protect intellectual property 

I understand the need for regular backups and how backup strategies work

I know how to use a live CD to enable work to continue in an emergency

I work safely and collaboratively with others at all times

I understand the danger of computer viruses and know how to reduce risk of infection

Gold INGOT Level 2

Unit 2 - Producing documents and using spreadsheets

Document processing

I can set up and edit document templates

I can set up and edit styles within documents

I know how to layout text and graphics effectively

I can set up tables with a variety of styles

I can set up headers and footers with automatic page numbering

I can set up a table of contents and an index for a lengthy document

I can set up a mail merge to send out a circular to many people

I can change dictionaries and the language settings in the software

I can export my documents in pdf format for read only download from the Internet

Graphic design

I specify precise angles and distances to draw scale diagrams and plans with accuracy

I can group and ungroup objects to manage them effectively

I can use grid locking selectively to help improve the precision of my drawing

I can change the units and scales used in a drawing to suit particular tasks

I regularly illustrate my own work with my own designs

I can use 3D objects and lighting effects to make my drawing look more attractive

I can export and import drawings to and from other applications

I understand different graphics file formats and related issues

Using spreadsheets

I can copy data and formulas using fixed references for rows columns and cells

I can use functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX routinely

I can set up and edit styles for my spreadsheet

I can present a completed spreadsheet attractively so it prints appropriately and looks good on the screen

I can sort, import and export data from my spreadsheet to other programs

I can produce charts and graphs appropriate for the chosen data sets

I can make the result returned in a cell depend on the value in another cell using an IF statement

I can use a spreadsheet to set up a financial model and use it to look
at a range of possible outcomes from different starting points

Gold INGOT Level 2

Unit 3 - Community Service

Contributing to the community

I have set up a Blog on the INGOT community site in order to document my project for presentation to a wide audience

I have provided appropriate links to the NOS at level 2

I have licensed my work appropriately to be used by others and made it available in downloadable files

I can get the information I need from a range of sources in order to carry out my project

I can select appropriate ICT tools and say why I used them

My project provided useful resources or support for the Worldwide community supporting open digital resources

I have discussed my work with my assessor and indicated why it is intended to be of benefit to society

I have evaluated my project saying how it might be improved by others and how it might be enhanced