How To - Assessors


This series of sections will cover what is required by assessors using our web site services.  If you are an assessor, either conducting and managing the Baseline Tests, or assisting students in gaining qualifications, you will find out how to do this here.

What is an assessor?

TLM is a fully regulated Awarding Organisation and we are therefore able to award Ofqual regulated certifications for our qualifications.  Our systems are set up for this purpose, so the default roles for someone using our sites are an assessor or a student. Only assessors use the Markbook.  As an assessor, you will be able to use the system, in conjunction with students, to track, assess and claim qualifications.  When you sign up for the site, you will be assigned a role relevant to what you are hoping to achieve on the site.  If you are using the site for the Baseline Testing, you still need to create and manage groups of students in order to let them take the test and then find the results.  If you then go on to become a certified centre for TLM qualifications, you will already be set up.

How do I get started as an assessor?

To become and an assessor you need to be trained by a TLM account manager or an assessor trainer such as the Principal Assessor in your school. TLM staff train all Principal Assessors and assessor trainers. Training is a combination of formal training to get you started and then dialogue through assessment activities to extend and consolidate this. , These are the things you need to do to get started:

  1. You should have a copy of the Assessor Handbook.
  2. You'll need an account on the Markbook site. The Markbook is a separate site where assessment outcomes are recorded and the actual certification is done. This is where you record marks for your pupils, request awards, print awards etc. To get an account on the Markbook site you will need to talk to the Principal Assessor at your school or contact us at TLM.
  3. You'll also need an account on the Learners Site if you want to use it to provide support for evidence management and student learning. We provide blogs, web page creations, evidence submission, progress tracking, forums and other features to assist assessors and learners. You can use as much or as little of this as you want. Everyone is welcome to create an account on this site. See How do I create an account?
  4. Once you have created an account use the contact page to send a message to "Support" asking to set your account to "assessor". This will allow the system to recognise you as an assessor rather than an ordinary user so that you get facilities such as being able to automatically receive evidence from learners in your teaching groups. Please include your user name, your real name and your school.

How do I create an account on the Markbook site?

To get an account for the Markbook site you will need to talk to the Principal Assessor at your centre. The Principal Assessor can set up accounts for colleagues that have the experience and background to assess particular qualifications. TLM has to set up a centre account and a Principal Assessor account for the centre first. 

How do I create an account on the Learning Site?

A detailed guide on how to create an account on the Learning Site is here. if you are going to use the Markbook site and the Learning site you MUST use the same e-mail address for both and copy your assessor id allocated on the Markbook account into your profile on the learning site. 

How do I find my assessor ID?

When you log in to the Markbook site, you will see a My Account tab button on the right side of the Menu Bar.  Once you click here, you will see the following screen with tabs on the left side of your browser.  On the Summary tab, you will see all the details about you.

My Details tab

How do I find a learner ID?

You can find a learner's id from the certification site Markbook headerin the Markbook School admin section. In the Groups tab choose edit for the group and the group will be listed with their ids. If you set up an account on the learning site Learning Siteand ensure that your e-mail address is the same on both sites, the system will find any learners associated with your groups on the Markbook site and you can generate accounts for your learners automatically including a letter to each learner with a username, password, and id so they have something specific for reference.

How do I administer and manage learners?

The following links show you how to add and manage learners once you have a login account.