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1. The Handbook for TLM Certificates in IT User Skills and Enterprise, the new "High Quality Qualifications for the 2015 School League Tables" providing headline points scores, is available in printed form from Lulu.com. Click the logo above. Alternatively you can download the pdf of the contents for free here.

2. The handbook for TLM/NAACE Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Open Systems Computing.

3. INGOT "International Grades - Open Technologies" Handbook 4th January 2011 pdf  is targeted on the 100% coursework version of the qualification (ITQ) used in adult education and in schools up to 2014.  

The Ingot handbook has more detail on the coursework assessment for learning model and more examples of guidance for units. 


FOSS Manual, Staff Guide

For the full National Occupational Standards for IT Users and the base specifications for all the units download the eskills publication IT User Standards

Download the eskills ITQ qualifications structure here. The TLM handbooks simplify these generic structures and so these are background references rather than essential reading. 

Note the handbook has been updated to version 2.2. The main difference is that in the Silver and Gold certificates and diploma IPU is the only mandatory unit. This provides more flexibility. The .odt file with the changes tracked is linked here. You can download and install OpenOffice.org to open and edit .odt files. The pdf download is the new revised handbook which should be used in place of all previous versions. 

The web version of the handbook has been updated. In general the web version is likely to be more up to date with links to greater detail. Numbered paragraphs have anchors inserted so anyone can link to this place with precision from their own web site, pages or bookmarks.  A web address with anchor takes the form "web site address ending community/page_name#paragraph_number".




ITQ units and guidance for assessment



LINK to ITQ Units and credit values

 INDEX for the ITQ Web handbook 

  1. About the INGOTs

  2. Standards and principles

  3. Qualifications overview

  4. The qualifications summary

  5. Planning progression

  6. Detailed unit guidance and assessment criteria