Recent changes to the web site and new features

Learning site now has many improvements (September 2013)

We have been working with a few schools to make improvements on the learning site based on practical testing "in the field". These are too numerous to list but if you have not tried managing your coursework evidence this way, try it out as it should save a lot of time. Learners can put their evidence forward and self and peer assess against the criteria before their work passes over to their assessor. The assessor can decide the validity of the self assessment and provide guidance and messaging directly on-line. The data can be used for progress tracking and reporting, and to provide e-portfolios linked to qualifications. It's all free to schools doing our qualifications and can replace a lot of expensive software that is not particularly targeted on any assessment methods. 

TLM on-line testing now included with tracking facilities (September 2012)

We now have the facility to set on-line tests that are secure (i.e. users can not just find information by going out of the test and searching the local machine or the internet) but require no software to be installed and will work on any device with a standards compliant web browser. We can either administer tests centrally from TLM or we can delegate test management to local centres. The testing system integrates with the evidence provision and unit assessment recording on the Markbook site and so we have a completely seamless system for assessment that includes coursework as well as controlled testing. 

TLM tracker now includes links to CASPA data (September 2012)

We have made a lot of refinements to TLM tracker during the year. It now enables output of progress data to a generic spreadsheet format that can then be used in other systems such as CASPA, used nationally in schools in England. We have improved the progress tracking system to make it easier to use and more flexible. This enables graphical presentation of progress through criteria, units and qualifications and for these results to be embedded in web pages as part of a comprehensive reporting system. In the end we hope to be able to provide all the facilities of a school report and share the report with parents, learner and teacher using the web and we will continue to keep making improvements based on user feedback.

TLM Level 2 Certificate in Open Systems and Enterprise now regulated by Ofqual (September 2012)

The TLM Level 2 qualification is a modified version of the ITQ to meet the criteria set by the DfE to count in the headline performance figures in 2015 and 2016. The course work element is exactly as it was before and this is the requirement for the ITQ. All learners that complete this to a satisfactory standard will achieve the ITQ irrespective of whether they gain the new qualification for the points. Towards the end of the course the learners take test which covers the generic knowledge needed for all the units. It starts with easier questions to include average attaining learners but ends with difficult questions to differentiate the A*/As. The DfE will announce the list of qualifications that they have approved for headline league table points at the end of November 2012. If you have any questions about this please get in touch by ringing 01827 305940

TLM ITQ agreed to provide headline performance points (February 2012)

In the review of qualifications, TLM is one of the very few awarding organisations that has had its Level 2 certificate agreed to count in the 2014 league tables headlines. The next task is to modify the assessment to include a synoptic externally set and marked test. For this we plan to provide on-line testing and integrate this facility with the rest of the cloud based tools that support progress tracking, evidence management and certificate authentication. This continues our drive to reduce cost and more importantly the administrative overheads associated with assessment while making the assessment formative as well as summative.

TLM Tracker (25th August 2011)

We have added a news ticker to the site so that we can put immediate news here. TLM tracker is  being developed in response to user feedback. It will provide full progress tracking and reporting using evidence provided by learners. It is designed to meet the needs of Special Schools and SEN departments in terms of IEPs, Pscales and the associated administration. In collaboration with several schools we are providing a single cloud based system that can replace current desktop and local network technologies thus reducing the need for technical support and providing a more integrated solution. 

Changes to the site (July 29th 2011)

We are making some changes to the main menus to try and make the site easier to navigate. Mostly it is a reorganisation. If you can't find a link or think we lost something important please e-mail us and we'll look at it again. One thing that has changed in the front page is that we removed the video-training picture and link because we needed the OpenOffice link for new development. The Link to the Video training is

Qualifications changes agreed with Ofqual December 2010

I have now submitted some qualifications amendments and had these agreed with Ofqual. The main thing is that where IPU, WS and UCT were mandatory units, now only IPU is mandatory. This is in-line with the standard e-skills requirements for ITQ and provides more flexibility. e.g. we will be providing an official certification for Apache OpenOffice so the same qualifications can be used for this purpose without those interested only in desktop office applications needing to do the Web Software and Collaborative Technologies units. Anyone that has started using these is unaffected as they are still eligible as optional units. 

This meant that the requirements in the handbook for mandatory units needed updating and this has now been done so dispose of old versions and download the new. The Lulu published version has 2.2 in the top right of the front cover so it can easily be differentiated from the old version.

Changes to the site (March 2010)

We are constantly striving to update the site to make navigation as easy as possible and therefore we have implemented a major overhaul of the front page

Most significant new feature is the system for collecting and assessing learner evidence explained at

Front Page

  • Certification Login is now known as MARKBOOK and login can be achieved from the top menu "Assessors", from the front Button and from the lower right hand side Login.
  • Community Site is now known as LEARNERS SITE and login can be achieved from the top menu "Assessors", from the front Button and from the upper right hand side Login.
  • Moodle Courses Login is found under both "Learners" and "Assessors" links as  "Courses".
  • Create pages is in two places, one is the learner link with the type of pages that they can create and the other is in the community Create pages where there are additional types of page eg private and book pages available to those than can create them.
  • A new section of video tutorials will be added and contents will be able to be streamed via youtube, schooltube and teachertube.

Language translation issues

We are aware of some language translation issues - e.g. the front page links to the right are in some cases linking to the old versions. The QA work package leader is going through these systematically and we hope these issues will be resolved soon. We are asking the partners to prioritise those pages that are most important as the site now has too many pages to translate absolutely everything and some things are more important to some than others.