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UK fees

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Fees for TLM Centres and Academies (UK) 01/09/2014

Subscription Charges for initial qualifications category eg IT or Computing or Design Engineer Construct (based on school capacity)

  School Size* Annual Subscription Charge for initial Catagory Exams Included
Band A upto 499 students £1900.00 30
Band B 500-749 students £2300.00 45
Band C 750-999 students £2900.00 60
Band D 1000-1249 students £3450.00 75
Band E 1250-1499 students £4000.00 90
Band F 1500-1749 students £4550.00 105
Band G 1750-1999 students £5100.00 120

Exams included is for for qualifications that have a terminal exam. Coursework moderation, training and other costs are included in the subscription as detailed below.

The Annual Centre subscription charge includes;

  • Free Assessor training

  • Unlimited Certification of students for agreed levels and catagory

  • Telephone support by a dedicated moderation team

  • Full use of the INGOT community web site with evidence management/progress tracking and portfolio systems linking seamlessly to qualifications.

  • NC and Pscale assessment for learning support as free optional value added.

  • Full use of on-line certificate authentication

  • Support for easy transition from current IT qualifications with minimal additional work

Quality Assurance and Exam Entry

The Centre subscription charge also includes one Moderation and Quality Assurance review visit per year to verify centre compliance and the maintenance of Centre accreditation. Additional exam entries above the subscription level are charged at an additional unit cost of £6 for online exams and £9 for paper based exams.

Additional Charges

Official Certificate paper must be purchased from TLM for the Ingots system at an additional cost of 30p per sheet. Additional training is available upon request with cost calculated on the level of training required.  Note that there are no "hidden costs" such as charges for re-issue or verification of certificates, candidate name or detail changes or registering candidates that then leave and do not take the the qualification.

Centre Only Charges

Centre registration of £950 per annum and includes initial centre risk assessment and Assessor training, telephone support, curriculum guidance and 1 mandatory moderation visit per annum.

Costs for units completed and agreed are based on anticipated learner numbers (example of Level 2 ITQ units for medium sized college/adult training at £12.00 per unit, plus exam entry fee of £6/£9 per learner), Please contact us for more information and a costing structure taylored to individual needs.

Additional Catagory Subscripion Charges. These charges are for additional subject categories. eg If you do ITQ and Computing. It is also possible to subscribe to one line and then pay on a unit basis for another where there are not enough candidates to justify a second subscription. eg where only 20 students are taking a qualification in a large school. 


  School Size* Annual Subscription Charge for additional catagory Exams Included
Band A upto 499 students £950.00 30
Band B 500-749 students £1350.00 45
Band C 750-999 students £1950.00 60
Band D 1000-1249 students £2500.00 75
Band E 1250-1499 students £3050.00 90
Band F 1500-1749 students £3600.00 105
Band G 1750-1999 students £4150.00 120

Class of your Own (COYO)

All enquiries about the cost of the Design Engineer Construct (2014, 2015 and 2016 league table points applicable) qualification and all its supporting material should be directed to www.designengineerconstruct.com

Verification of the authenticity of certificates

Certificates can be verified by going to the Verify Certificate link on the front page of the community site. Entering the certificate number will pull up the name of the owner. This service is free of charge.  Each certificate has a 3D bar code that can be scanned using a Smartphone. The Smartphone will automatically contact the INGOT website with the certificate details and provide it's details to verify its authenticity.

The use of the INGOT community site and on-line courses is free of charge and more learning resources will be made available here as time goes on.

Business Management Qualifications

TLM are currently reviewing its policy for acceptance of Business Managament Qualifications and all enquiries will be dealt with on a consultancy basis.

- Note that fees in other countries are decided on a number of factors including local costs. Contact us for further information

Pre September 2014 Centre Registration

We currently have a restricted capacity for new centres wishing to accredit prior to the new academic year so please contact us so we can discuss this matter more thoroughly.

* All school size information is taken from the Edubase Goverment Portal