UK Fees

Centre Registration

Qualifications centre registration: £600.00

Once registered, centres will be invoiced on a per academic year basis.

Centre Registration benefits include:

  • Full use of the INGOT community web site with evidence management/progress tracking and portfolio systems linking seamlessly to qualifications.
  • Access to free qualification/moderation workshops.
  • Telephone support by a dedicated moderation team
  • Full access to TLM's online resource bank.
  • Full use of on-line certificate authentication
  • Support in transitioning from existing learning programmes.

Centre Approval Visit/ Ongoing Monitoring

Type of Centre support/\Monitoring event Cost
Moderation/Standardisation workshops, offered throughout the academic year  FREE
Compulsory on-site inspection/monitoring (if no workshop attended) £300.00

Learner Registration

All registration costs shown below are per learner unless otherwise stated. The registration fee covers the administrative costs of registering the learner for the qualification, support materials where applicable, access to our supportive moderation process/team and awarding/certification.

Qualifications Title/Category Level of Qualifications Registration per learner cost
STEM qualifications Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, and, Level 2 £40.00
STEM Qualifications Level 3 £100.00
Cyber Security Level 2 £40.00
Employment Skills Entry 3, Level 1, and, Level 2 £40.00
Cloud-Based Systems Level 3 £100.00

Additional qualification-related Charges

Addition Charges Fees Applicable
On demand moderation FREE
Replacement Certificates FREE
Amendments to learner registration details FREE
Certificate validation checking FREE
Moderation team support FREE
Certification template paper 50p per sheet, minimum order of 50 sheets
Online Exams (Level 1 and Level 2) £6.00 per learner
Paper-based Exams (Level 1, and Level 2) £15.00 per learner (minimum order of 20 learners)
Online Exams (Level 3) £12.00 per learner
Paper-based Exams (Level 3) £30.00 per learner (minimum order of 10 learners)
Results enquiry (clerical check) FREE
Results enquiry (consultation) £100.00
Results enquiry (stage 2 and above appeals) £500 per day


- Note that fees in other countries are decided on a number of factors including local costs. Contact us for further information

All fees are exclusive of VAT

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