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"We have 30 feeder primary schools and 7 took part in the INGOT programme last year as part of our Specialist Schools Community Plan. There is a marked difference in the capabilities of those that took part and those that did not. We now need a strategy to enable all our incoming learners to benefit, levelling up attainment."

-- Elaine Delahunt, Assistant Headteacher
Up Holland Mathematics, Computing and Music College

"The children in primary schools that have achieved their Entry Level INGOT certificates are now demanding that we offer the Level 1 in Year 7. There is a clear effect on motivation and practical support for cross phase transition".

-- Mark Greenwood, Assistant Headteacher
Our Lady's Catholic High Specialist Mathematics and Computing School

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How INGOTs fit the school reform agenda.

Age independent Suitable for primary and secondary schools, special schools and FE.Learn more
Diplomas Compatible with Diplomas at Levels 1 and 2 in all lines of learning.
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Staff development Gain credit for further professional qualifications.
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Specialist schools Provide quantifiable learning outcomes and international community links.
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Reduced admin No need for any paper based portfolios of evidence. Learn more
Reduced costs No need to buy any software and Academy Model for economies of scale.
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Motivates Assessment for learning involves learners and maintains motivation.
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