LDV TOI Project Index page

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This is the home page for the LDV Transfer of Innovation project International grades - Open Technologies (INGOTs)

Work Package 1 - Owner - The Learning Machine Ltd (Project Management)

Work Package 2 - Owner - The Learning Machine Ltd (Assessor Training)

Work Package 3 - Owner - National Training Centre BG (Research and Needs Analysis for Centres)

Work Package 4 - Owner - Agifodent - (Documentation and community support)

Work Package 5 - Owner - FCASEC - (Translation and localisation)

Work Package 6 - Owner - National Training Centre BG (Training Manual in Open Systems)

Work Package 7 - Owner - Euroface Consulting (Develop and support e-learning resources)

Work Package 8 - Owner - FCASEC - (Quality Assurance and certification trials)

Work Package 9 - Owner - Agifodent - (Dissemination and Publicity)

Link to initial project meeting (Sofia)

Link to second project meeting (Prague)

Link to third project meeting (Sofia)

Link to the policies and procedures related to quality assurance

Log of time and costs by partner and work package

Master spreadsheet for budget etc

Spreadsheet for WP9 & WP4 budget

Phase 1 reports

Phase 2 reports

Partner questionnaires

NA review form

Interim report to NA

Final report to NA

Meeting in Bucharest 29th May 2011

Meeting in Granada 5th September 2011


Google travel planning




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