Art and Design, P Scale

Art and design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences, and is a unique way to understand and respond to the world, and to communicate with others. Pupils learn about the place and role of art, craft and design in life today, as well as in different times and cultures.

The Ingot's Art and Design P scales provide learners with the opportunity to:

• experience, experiment with and use colour, form, shape, space, texture and pattern
• explore different materials and processes
• respond to and communicate what they see, feel and think, on their own or working with others
• value and assess their own and others’ achievements

In response to these opportunities, pupils can make progress in art and design by:
• moving from responding to familiar ideas and themes when they start their work, to exploring ideas for different reasons, and selecting and using relevant information to help them develop their ideas
• sensory exploration and the use of a variety of materials and processes (to make images and artefacts), investigating and combining materials and processes, organising visual and tactile qualities and matching    these to ideas and intentions
• being aware of their own and others’ work, describing what they think and feel about their own work, and the work of artists, craftspeople and designers


P1(i) - ART & DESIGN

P1(ii) - ART & DESIGN

P2(i) - ART & DESIGN

P2(ii) - ART & DESIGN

P3(i) - ART & DESIGN

P3(ii) - ART & DESIGN

P4 - Art & Design

1. The learner will show some awareness of cause and effect in a creative process

2. The learner will explore materials systematically

3. The learner will understand the process of starting or stopping

4. The learner will make marks intentionally

5. The learner will repeat an activity to make the same or similar effect

6. The learner will show an interest in a range of tools and materials

1.1 I am aware that actions result in related outcomes. 2.1 I can explore different textures. 3.1 I can start a process. 4.1 I can make marks intentionally. 5.1 I can repeat an action to create a similar effect. 6.1 I have experienced using a variety of tools.
1.2 I can demonstrate some awareness of cause and effect. 2.2 I can explore various materials. 3.2 I can stop when I have finished. 6.2 I can intentionally make marks with various materials.
6.3 I can participate in familiar activities.

P5 - Art & Design

P6 - Art & Design

P7 - Art & Design

P8 - Art & Design

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