Physical Education, P Scale

P1(i) - Physical Education

P1(ii) - Physical Education

P2(i) - Physical Education

P2(ii) - Physical Education

P3(i) - Physical Education

P3(ii) - Physical Education

P4 - PE

1. The learner will establish movement patterns and perform single actions

2. The learner will respond to simple commands

3. The learner will recognise familiar pieces of equipment

4. The learner will show awareness of cause and effect

1.1 I can demonstrate simple movement patterns. 2.1 I can respond appropriately to simple commands. 3.1 I can recognise equipment frequently used in activities. 4.1 I can show some basic awareness of cause and effect.
1.2 I can demonstrate single actions. 3.2 I can select the correct equipment for a game. 4.2 I can respond to praise by repeating an action.

P5 - PE

1. The learner will link two actions in a sequence

2. The learner will follow simple instructions

3. The learner will explore a variety of movements and show some awareness of space

4. The learner will understand some basic concepts

5. The learner will take turns with a partner or in a small group

6. The learner will recognise and collect, on request, familiar pieces of equipment

1.1 I can perform two separate actions. 2.1 I can follow simple instructions. 3.1 I can perform a variety of movements. 4.1 I can demonstrate an understanding of some basic concepts. 5.1 I can be patient and wait for my turn. 6.1 I can recognise familiar pieces of equipment.
1.2 I can link two actions in a sequence. 3.2 I can explore movement in water. 5.2 I can take turns with a partner. 6.2 I can collect familiar pieces of equipment.
3.3 I can demonstrate some awareness of space. 5.3 I can take turns when part of a group.
3.4 I can move within the available space safely.

P6 - PE

P7 - PE

P8 - PE

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